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Data Engineer at Inventables

Remote in USA

  • Muhammad Rujail Hamza Shaikh
  • Mohammed Samir
  • Tulrose Deori
  • Ebtehal Khaled
  • Mohamed Abbas
  • Daniyal Syed
  • Kevi nAraiza
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Job details

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  • Company: Inventables
  • Salary: Salary to be Agreed
  • Remote?: Yes

Job Description:

Our vision is to ignite a new product revolution by bringing manufacturing capability into the hands of millions of people. To do this we are building accessible tools to help makers generate income from their work. The tools we build are software and hardware products designed to help businesses do their own manufacturing cost effectively. Our revolutionary, web-based Easel software is easy to use, whether you are new to designing products or familiar with CNC software. When you’re ready to carve, our X-Carve machine empowers users to create products out of a variety of materials ranging from beautiful hardwoods to colorful acrylics. 

While our downtown Chicago office and workshop is a space where employees can meet, work, and use our products, we are a remote-first company and welcome talent located across the country.

The Data Engineer will be the first member of our new data team, reporting to the CTO. This team’s mission is to develop data systems, flows, and tools to help our team make data-driven decisions. You will collaborate with stakeholders throughout the company to ensure that the information they need is accessible, accurate, and always up to date.

The Data Engineer will: 
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to understand data storage, processing, and reporting requirements for the business
  • Develop, test, and maintain data architectures including databases, and business intelligence platforms that meet stakeholder requirements
  • Design and implement automated processes to collect and transform data from various internal systems into a centralized reporting platform
  • Recommend ways to improve data reliability and quality
  • Employ a variety of languages & tools to join data across multiple systems into a unified model
  • Assist stakeholders in building, using, and interpreting business intelligence dashboards that track their key performance indicators

How We Work
Our internal data platform is built with python, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Quicksight. We use agile development techniques to craft software and tools that help team members make data-driven decisions. We work collaboratively and iterate constantly. We choose the right technology for the job. We use automated testing to ensure our software is operating correctly and to allow us to make changes with confidence.

We believe in making time for exploration and innovation. You'll have your own creative project budget, along with access to our workshop. In addition, we set aside every Friday for each engineer to direct their own R&D–whether exploring new technologies, or working on problems they think are important.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years programming experience with a modern computing language that supports data engineering work (Python, R, C#, JVM-languages like Java)
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Experience using BI reporting tools such as Looker or AWS Quicksight
  • Experience implementing automated data pipelines
  • Generalist with a strong interest in using data to answer big questions
  • Comfortable working individually (will be first member of the data team)
  • Experience with agile processes
  • Curious, creative, and collaborative working style
  • Always assumes positive intent
  • Ability to take initiative and persevere in the company’s success  
  • Values the exchange of constructive feedback with a desire to improve

  • Bachelor’s degree in science, math, or engineering
  • Experience constructing and maintaining Postgres databases
  • Experience working with a cloud service such AWS
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with linux shell scripting
  • Experience with source control systems such as git

  • BCBS Health Insurance
  • Options Program
  • 401(k) program 
  • Flexible Accrued Vacation "Take what you need" policy
  • Annual “exploration budget” to feed your curiosity
  • Annual “creative project budget” to help you stay creative
  • Annual Conference Budget
  • Excellent Parental Leave Policy
  • A complimentary Inventables 3D Carving Machine

Hiring policy
The personal data you provide as an applicant to Inventables through this website, shall be transferred by such receiver to Inventables under our terms and conditions for application purposes. Consequently, by sending your information through of the website, you consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties, in compliance with the provisions of the Laws for the Protection of Personal Data from each country where has a presence, as the consent is free, prior, express, unequivocal and informed.
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