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Jabil Jabil

Data Scientist at Jabil

Remote in Europe

  • Claudio Andres Balmaceda
  • ahmed mohamed ahmed hassan
  • Fatma El Zahraa
  • Muhammad Magdi
  • irfan ahmed
  • Tulrose Deori
  • Ali Wahba
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Job details

These are the details of the job, consider each of them before you apply.

  • Company: Jabil
  • Salary: Salary to be Agreed
  • Remote?: Yes

Job Description:

The Data Scientist is a statistical analyst well versed in various analytical disciplines, such as linear and constraint programming, modeling, simulation, time series analysis, text analytics, multivariate analysis, and other various predictive analytics techniques. This role will have experience querying and analyzing large data sets using traditional structured data base tools and “big data” tools for unstructured data to generate actionable insights and solutions.

  • Advanced Statistics, operations research/ management, mathematics or business analytics with experience, courses, or project work in an analytic methods such as linear, mixed linear, constraint programming, modeling, simulation, time series analysis, pattern recognition, queuing theory, multivariate analysis, and other various predictive analytics techniques
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work effectively in teams and under pressure. Multi-lingual capability is a plus.
  • Ability to draw conclusions from data and prescribe actionable and measurable activities.
  • Highly motivated and creative, thinking “out of the box”.
  • Familiarity with non-relational data frameworks (aka NoSQL, eg. Hive).
  • Experience with Apache Pig, Spark systems.
  • Strong team mentality, interpersonal and communications skills
  • Preferred working directly with management and executives

Preferred experience:
  • Jupyter Notebook experience (e.g. Anaconda, DataBricks)
  • Coding in multiple languages: Python a must, but also familiarity with UI frameworks like for presentation layer: Angular/React.JS, Vue.js with Node.js 
  • Alternatively, Plotly/Dash, ShinyApp or Bokeh -  presentation frameworks for creating dashboards
  • Experience with No SQL database especially for document records: Elastic Search, MongoDB, Cosmos DB. Able to update records through programming and ability to query data in custom applications.
  • Statistics/Analytic capabilities (Anova, t-test, f-test, logging, Big-O notation, etc.)
  • Data modeling and model analysis; Data Science development; sci-kit learn and open CV, popular python libraries
  • Cloud computing (AWS, Azure or Google) - know how to use SDKs for data storage access and management through programming code and experience with cli tools. Able to create resources like blob storage, databases and virtual machines.
  • Software data structure understanding (stacks, hash tables, arrays, queues, trees, linked list) and code optimization knowledge.
  • CI/CD project development - Agile scrum style software development 
  • Git versioning; know how to merge and commit changes to a branch. Not steps on others code.
Nice to have
  • Back-end languages like Java or C#
  • Shell scripting like bash, powershell, ansible or Chef
  • CI/CD Data Modeling automation, e.g. AWS SageMaker, AirFlow, Kubeflow, Azure ML or Google
  • Docker, Kubernetes; Use of yaml and dockerfiles files to build Docker containers (Helm Charts and kubectl)

Work location: Job can be performed remotely from Ukraine OR Hungary OR Poland

Hiring policy
The personal data you provide as an applicant to Jabil through this website, shall be transferred by such receiver to Jabil under our terms and conditions for application purposes. Consequently, by sending your information through of the website, you consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties, in compliance with the provisions of the Laws for the Protection of Personal Data from each country where has a presence, as the consent is free, prior, express, unequivocal and informed.
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